I am the girlfriend of my Texan parents


Mom stood in front of me, sitting on the floor, her tongue sucked my little slit in a way that made me scream with pleasure, but when I felt Dad behind me sucking my ass, my legs were shaking non-stop, the two tongues ran through my two orifices, causing me to lose myself in a moment of unbridled lust and desire. Papaaaaaaa, wait aaaaaaaa, I can not moresssssssss, were my words before ending in a torrent of vaginal fluids, the most sweet was mom, because she rushed to suck until the last drop, the lips of my vagina throbbed and were slightly swollen, mom continued Sucking my slit, while dad smoked a cigarette watching our action, I finally finished in one last orgasm, and I fell faint on the floor, we lay down and the 3 of us slept in the same bed totally naked. After that night everything changed in our lives, Daddy has two females willing to give him pleasure when he asks for it, and Mom and I sometimes suck each other’s slits, and we have delicious moments, of pleasure and lust.

Date: diciembre 9, 2020

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